The Value of Online Training

Mar 24, 2022 | Uncategorized

Everyone comes to formal business/adult education with their own objective.  Some folks are seeking formal certifications to enhance their careers and better position them for future opportunities. Others simply need continuing education credits to maintain their certification.  All should have the fundamental interest to become better educated and gain knowledge in their respective fields. As a training services provider, it is my job to meet all of their needs and provide curriculum and instruction for each objective.

E-learning or on-demand learning is computer-based training that eliminates the classroom and allows the student to become educated using self-paced computerized modules that can be viewed at the convenience of the student.   There are pros and cons to online learning:


– Training can be conducted on-demand according to the schedule of the student.

– Typically, less expensive than classroom training.


– Can be boring and non-stimulating.

– Limited ability to ask questions, if at all.

– Little or no interaction with fellow students who can help enhance the learning experience.

– Cannot be customized to the needs of the organization or the individual.


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