The Value of Disciplined Agile

What approach should you use to manage your project?  To answer this question most of us will go right to the Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK Guide)®.  But the PMBOK® is now a guide to delivering value and much less of process guide/framework....

Leadership is the Key to Good Project Management

A recent study by MIT showed that team members perform best when they can obtain: Autonomy: the opportunity to self-direct their work. Mastery: the opportunity to get better and become subject matter experts in a chosen area of expertise. Purpose: the opportunity to...

Servant Leadership and the Value of Emotional Intelligence

Motivation, worker behavior, and efficiency studies have been conducted since the industrial revolution. Each study attempted to understand what truly motivates team members in an effort to design management styles and deliver recommendations to increase productivity...

Emotional Intelligence for Project Managers

Have you ever sat in a meeting where the executive or senior member just loses their s___t because they don’t like what their hearing? Witnessing this as a young project manager, I would think, who am I to argue with the Vince Lombardi leadership style. Emotional...
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