Project Change Management – 1 Day


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Learning Objectives

⦁ Correctly identify and define project “change”
⦁ Review the methods to address change that differ by a project’s development approach
⦁ Predictive or traditional
⦁ Agile/ adaptive
⦁ Hybrid
⦁ Review Prosci’s ADKAR model to identify and implement change for improvements
⦁ Examine the interrelationship of organizational and project change
⦁ Practice applying change concepts through case studies

Course Overview and Agenda

The term ‘change management’ often evokes the hope that one can manage or influence the type or rate of change. The true purpose of a Change Management Plan details processes to respond and adapt to changing conditions in the business environment and the project environment. In either, there are two broad categories of change:
⦁ change forced by outside events such updated laws and regulations
⦁ change we choose such as process improvement
Change disrupts established routines and people have to adapt to the ‘new’ situation. In this course participants will learn strategies and methods specific to each project development approach to identify the need for change as well as strategies to implement change, including Prosci’s ADKAR model. While project managers are immediately affected by changes in the project environment, they must also cultivate an awareness of the interaction of change between the external business environment and the project environment. Participants will engage in case studies and apply the course content to their own work.
Module 1: Introduction
⦁ Define ‘change’ as it applies to project management
⦁ Examine the individual and team responses to change as personal first
⦁ Review three project management methodologies
⦁ Predictive or traditional
⦁ Agile/adaptive
⦁ Hybrid
⦁ Explore the components of a Change Management Plan
Activity: Case Study 1
Module 2: Change Management in Predictive Projects
⦁ Review the change control process described in the Change Management Plan
⦁ Explore the make-up and purpose of the Change Control Board (CCB)
⦁ Examine a Change Request document
⦁ Explore the implications of an approved Scope change request
⦁ Review other common types of Change Requests
⦁ Review the PM’s role in the change control process
⦁ Responsibilities regarding Change Requests
⦁ Responsibilities regarding Approved Change Requests
Activity: Case Study 2
Module 3: Change Management in Agile/Adaptive Projects
⦁ Examine Agile Ceremonies within each work cycle or Sprint
⦁ Explore the roles of Product Owner, Project Manager, and project team members
⦁ Review the Change Management Plan for Scope Change Requests only
⦁ Examine the flexible and conversational approach to change regarding deliverables
⦁ Planning Meeting – establishing the Sprint Backlog
⦁ Daily Stand-up Meeting
⦁ Review or Demonstration
⦁ Re-prioritization of the Product Backlog
⦁ Explore the flexible and conversational approach to change regarding project processes
⦁ Retrospective
Activity: Case Study 3
Module 4: Considerations for Hybrid Projects
⦁ Review strategies to customize the Change Management Plan to the project needs
⦁ Explore considerations by phase or deliverable
⦁ Explore project management process improvement and tailoring
Module 5: Implementing Organizational and Project Change
⦁ Examine the interaction external business environment change and project scope
⦁ Review the relationship of project governance policies and project management processes
⦁ Explore the PM role as an employee of the preforming organization
⦁ Examine Prosci’s ADKAR model for identifying and implementing change
Activity: Case Study 4
Module 6: Summary and Next Steps
⦁ Final Questions
⦁ Apply course content to current work assignments
Activity: Create an individualized plan to apply the course content at work
⦁ Evaluations
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