Effective Communications: Essential Strategies and Skills for Today’s Workforce – 1.5 Days, 11 PDUs


Learning Objectives

⦁ Understand the Project Management Principles as they relate to communications.
⦁ Develop and improve communication skills to deal with change, conflict, negotiation.
⦁ Provide an understanding of the communications model, methods, and listening skills.
⦁ Provide a process to better understand and be understood by stakeholders and team members.
⦁ Provide templates for various communications reports and spreadsheets that facilitate managing project communications.
⦁ Learn how to use the DISC model to better understand and motivate team members

Course Overview and Agenda

The Effective Communications course provides the framework to ensure efficient and effective project communications and stakeholder management. Students will learn necessary skills, methods and models and a project-based process to better understand and be understood by project stakeholders.
The training course will provide classroom learning, practice scenarios and exercises to prepare you for managing and effectively communicating in any project environment.
Project-based Principles
⦁ PMI Code of Conduct
⦁ Focus on Value
⦁ Be a Diligent, Respectful and Caring Steward
⦁ Create a Collaborative Project Team Environment
⦁ Demonstrate Leadership Behaviors
⦁ Tailor Based on Context
⦁ Navigate Complexity
⦁ Leadership Skills
⦁ Servant Leadership
⦁ Establishing and Maintaining Vision
⦁ Critical Thinking
⦁ Motivation
⦁ Interpersonal Skills
⦁ Emotional Intelligence
⦁ Decision making
⦁ Conflict Management
⦁ Negotiation
Team Management
⦁ Project Team Management and Leadership
⦁ High Performing Project Teams
⦁ Virtual teams
⦁ Artifacts and Tools
⦁ Project Team Charter
⦁ Understanding Team Members Using DISC (Dominance, Inducement, Submission, Compliance)
⦁ Definitions
⦁ Examples of Project Stakeholders
⦁ Stakeholder Engagement
⦁ Principles
⦁ Planning, Delivering, Monitoring
⦁ Artifacts and Tools
⦁ Stakeholder Register
⦁ Stakeholder Engagement Assessment Matrix
⦁ Stakeholder Engagement Plan
⦁ Net Promoter Score (NPS)
⦁ Project Team Management and Leadership
⦁ Team development
⦁ Servant Leadership and team management
⦁ Virtual Teams
⦁ Artifacts and Tools:
⦁ Project Team Charter
⦁ The DISC personality model
⦁ Project Communications
⦁ Planning Communications
⦁ Communications requirements Analysis
⦁ Communication Channels
⦁ Communication Model
⦁ Communication blockers
⦁ Communication types
⦁ Artifacts and Tools:
⦁ Communications management plan/matrix
⦁ Issues Log
⦁ Project Status Report
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