Project Management Professional (PMP)® Exam Prep. Bootcamp – 5 days, 35 PDUs


What is the PMP ® Exam?

Effective project management is crucial for business success, and the value that a good project manager can bring to an endeavor should not be underestimated. Indeed, having leaders that are equipped to deal with complicated constraints, assumptions, and issues helps businesses stay on track and delivery value. With this in mind, many companies look not only for project managers that have experience in the field, but that hold the relevant industry qualifications as well. The PMP ® exam is the leading certification in the field of project management. It qualifies those that sit it to be certified as project managers by Project Management Institute (PMI) ® , the industry's leading authority for setting and maintaining stringent standards associated with effective and reliable project management.

Overview and Benefits of our PMP ® Exam Prep. Course

If you are taking this course, you have some professional exposure to the duties of a project manager, or you may be considering embarking on a career in professional project management. Your ability as a project manager to demonstrate best practices in project management—both on the job and through professional certification—is becoming the standard to compete in today's fast-paced and highly technical workplace. In this course, you will apply the recognized practices of project management acknowledged by the Project
Management Institute (PMI) ® to successfully manage projects. Project managers who have proven skills and experience can find exciting, highly visible opportunities in a wide
range of fields. This course is specifically designed to provide you with the proven, practical body of project management knowledge and skills that you need to demonstrate project management proficiency on the job. Successful candidates are recognized as leading professionals within their industries. This equates to better
employment and promotion prospects, as well as higher salaries than those that do not hold the certification. This course will be a significant part of your preparation for the Project Management Professional (PMP) ® Certification Exam. The skills and knowledge you gain will help you avoid making costly mistakes and increase your competitive edge in the project management profession.

The PMP ® Exam is Notoriously Difficult
Unfortunately for many PMP ® exam hopefuls, the test is approximately four hours long, highly detailed, and a challenge to even the most experienced project manager. Additionally, the exam was changed in 2021 to include more agile and hybrid approaches to planning and managing a project. The test is not solely based on the Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledege (PMBOK ® Guide) but on numerous periodicals. As a PMI Premier Authorized Training Partner (ATP #3921), PME is uniquely qualified and approved to present the PMI sanctioned material to help our students pass this challenging exam.

Target Student

This course is designed for individuals who have on-the-job project management experience regardless of whether their formal job role is project manager, who are not certified project management professionals, and who might or might not have received formal project management training.The course enables candidates to develop professionally, increase their project management skills, apply a formalized and standards-based approach to project management, and seek career advancement by moving into a formal project manager job role, as well as to apply for Project Management Institute, Inc. (PMI) ® Project Management Professional (PMP) ® certification.

Prerequisites: None
To ensure your success in this course, you should have experience with basic project management concepts and
have some working experience with project management. You can obtain this level of skills and knowledge by
taking the following PME courses which are NOT mandatory to attend PMP ® Exam Prep:
Project Management Overview
Project Management Fundamentals
Agile Essentials

How to apply for the PMP ® exam?
Filling out the PMP application can be daunting because there are significant requirements you must fulfill to qualify to sit for the exam. These differ depending on the level of your education. College/University graduates require three years of project management experience plus an additional 35 hours of project management training. Completing our PMP ® Exam Prep. Bootcamp will meet this training requirement.

High school graduates need five years of project management experience, along with 35 hours of project management training.
When filling out your PMP ® exam application, candidates must clearly document their project management experience by detailing their background in planning, executing, leading, and controlling project management activities. Once approved to sit, PMP ® candidates have 1 year to sit for the exam and can take the test up to three times during that year. PME is always willing to support students in completing their application.

Our Instructors
PME only engages with instructors that have at least 25 years of practical, firsthand project management, agile, scrum, leadership, and business management experience. Our instructors have working knowledge of the various editions of the Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledege (PMBOK ® Guide) and other leading periodicals and are committed to follow and teach the best practices as prescribed by the Project Management Institute (PMI) ® . In summary we have the knowledge, skills, and experience to help our students pass the PMP exam! Click here for an overview our instructor community.

For this course, students will need complete systems to access your virtual classroom if you are presenting
remotely. They will need Microsoft Office applications to access the sample documents and templates. Each
computer will need the following general hardware configurations:
1 gigahertz (GHz) 64-bit (x64) processor.
2 gigabytes (GB) of Random-Access Memory (RAM).
32 GB available storage space.

Monitor capable of a screen resolution of at least 1,024 × 768 pixels, at least a 256-color display, and a video adapter with at least 4 MB of memory.
Keyboard and mouse or a compatible pointing device.
Internet access (contact your local network administrator).
(Instructor computer only) A display system to project the instructor's computer screen.

Microsoft® Office 365™ license (which provides the Microsoft Office apps)
Microsoft® Windows ® 10 Professional
If necessary, software for viewing the course slides.

PMI Authorized Exam Prep. Student Guide – Hardcopy
PMI Online Exam Prep. Materials – Videos, Assessment Tests, Slide Deck, Study Guidelines
PMI PMP ® Classroom Study Materials – Activities and Mastery Builder Questions – Softcopy
PMI PMP ® Exam Content Outline (ECO) – Softcopy
PMI PMP ® Course Outline with ECO References - Softcopy
PMP ® Exam Prep. Post-Class Cloned Questions - Softcopy


Lesson 1: Business Environment
1A Foundation
1B Strategic Alignment
1C Project Benefits and Value
1D Organizational Culture and Change Management
1E Project Governance
1F Project Compliance

Lesson 2: Start the Project
2A Identify and Engage Stakeholders
2B Team Formation
2C Build Shared Understanding
2D Decide Project Approach/Methodology
Lesson 3: Plan the Project
3A Planning Projects
3B Scope
3C Schedule
3D Resources
3E Budget
3F Risks
3G Quality
3H Integrate Plans

Lesson 4: Lead the Project Team
4A Craft Your Leadership Style
4B Create a Collaborative Project Team Environment
4C Empower the Team
4D Support Team Member Performance
4E Communicate and Collaborate with Stakeholders
4F Train Team Members and Stakeholders
4G Manage Conflict
Lesson 5: Support Project Team Performance
5A Implement Ongoing Improvements
5B Support Performance
5C Evaluate Project Progress
5D Manage Issues and Impediments
5C Manage Changes
Lesson 6: Close the Project/Phase
6A Project/Phase Closure
6B Benefits Realization
6C Knowledge Transfer

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Jan. 22-26, Feb. 26-Mar. 1, Mar. 11-15, Apr. 15-19, May 20-24, June 24-28, July 22-26, Aug. 19-23, Sept. 23-27, Oct. 21-25, Nov. 18-22, Dec. 9-13


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