Innovation and Project Management – 1 Day, 7 PDUs


Learning Objectives

⦁ To use innovation strategies to improve the project outcomes and deliverables.
⦁ To explore innovative approaches to processes and methods to increase productivity (effective use of project time and money)
⦁ Establishing and promoting a culture of innovation within the project team.

Course Overview and Agenda

In this course, participants will systematically explore the relationship of innovation (doing things in different ways) and project management (establishing and following standards to accomplish a goal). In this context, “innovation” represents a strategy that can add value to project deliverables, more easily satisfy the customer’s need, and increase the capabilities of the performing organization. Innovation, whether technology-based or process-based, is best defined as discovering a different way to address a problem or use a technology to enhance an existing solution. Effective project management techniques also benefit both the customer by meeting their need and the performing organization either through financial return or supporting their Strategic Objectives. Combining project management discipline with innovative insights can supply dramatic results to project outcomes. By the end of the session, participants will create a plan to apply the content to their current work.
Module 1: Introduction
Review project management approaches in the context of innovation
⦁ Predictive or traditional
⦁ Agile/adaptive
⦁ Hybrid
Establish definition of “innovation” as different from “creativity” and “optimization”
“An original or novel approach to an existing problem providing a value-added solution”
Examine five types of innovation
Explore mental habits – structured or flexible
Examine the dynamic balance between standards and new ideas or processes
Identify “innovation” as change
Review of mental habits regarding “innovation”
Case Study 1
Module 2: Innovation Projects
Explore how innovation adds value
⦁ Using a business model
⦁ Using a technology model
⦁ Using a culture model
Examine innovation as a project objective
Case Study 2
Module 3: Innovation Within Projects
Explore the role of the PM in project innovation
Examine project management processes and governance as candidates for innovation
Explore innovation related to deliverables
Case study 3
Module 4: Encouraging Innovation
Establish a project culture to support innovation
Use Team Charter to support innovation
Explore three traps to avoid and six solution strategies
Case Study 4
Module 5: Summary and Next Steps
Review strategies to respond to internal and external pressure for innovation
Create personal Application Plan (how participant will use content at work)
Final Questions
Course Evaluations
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