PMBOK® 6th Edition Has Arrived

Sep 1, 2017 | Uncategorized

The long awaited PMBOK® 6th edition has finally arrived and it has considerable updates from the 5th edition.  Although the PMP exam won’t change until Q1 2018, we are beginning to prepare our curriculum for release in January 2018. These changes are so immense that PME is offering a 3 hour overview starting in October.

Here’s a brief summary of what of the changes in the processes in PMBOK® 6th edition:

Estimate Activity Resources remains in Planning but has been moved
out of Time Management and into Human Resource Management.

Plan Stakeholder Management remains in Planning but has been
renamed to Plan Stakeholder Engagement.

Perform Quality Assurance remains in Executing but has been renamed
to Manage Quality.

Implement Risk Responses is a new Executing process in Risk

Control Resources is a new Monitoring and Controlling process in Human
Resource Management.

Control Communications remains in Monitoring and Controlling but has
been renamed to Monitor Communications.

Close Purcements has been removed and its functionality has been
added to Close Project or Phase.

There are many other changes and value-added additions to the PMBOK® and most occur beneath the processes above but a few notable additions have been made to planning documents:

New Project Management Planning Documents:

>  Performance Measurement Baseline
>  Project Life Cycle Descriptions
>  Development Approach

New Other Project Documents:

>  Assumptions Log
>  Lessons Learned Register
>  Quality Report
>  Team Charter
>  Team Resource Assignments
>  Test and Evaluation Document

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