Classroom vs. Online Training

Jul 19, 2019 | Uncategorized

There is much debate on the best way obtain training to maintain certifications or just to enhance your knowledge in project management.  The training industry seems to be moving more toward online learning and even microlearning where students can receive learning in 5-10-minute increments.  Although classroom training will never cease to exist, here’s a list of considerations when deciding what type of training you would like to attend or participate in.

Classroom training should be the preferred method when:

– the knowledge and experience of the instructor is crucial to understanding and instant feedback is needed;

– preparing for a certification exam where thorough understanding of every concept is crucial to passing the test; and

– the material is completely new to the student and directly related to job performance.

Online training should be the preferred method when:

– PDUs need to be earned quickly and immediate instructor feedback is not needed;

– funding is limited;

– instructor knowledge and experience are less important than the material being conveyed; and

– students prefer to learn at their own pace.

Microlearning should be the preferred method when:

– students prefer to learn at their own pace;

– students have long commutes and can “time-out” the training at convenient intervals; and

– students want to take continuous training without committing to multiple days or hours.



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