The Project Management Institute (PMI) has mandated that all certification holders maintain a combination of technical, leadership, and strategic and business management expertise to stay relevant and competitive.  You will need it and employers are demanding it.  PME offers training in all 3 of these “Talent Triangle” areas.  The PMI Continuing Certification Requirements (CCR) can be summarized as follows:

Education (Minimum of 35 PDUs): with at least 8 PDUs in each of the 3 sections.  Remaining PDUs can go into any of the 3 sections.

Talent Triangle

Giving Back (Maximum of 25 PDUs): PDUs must be earned for Volunteering and Creating Knowledge (17 PDUs) and Working as a Professional (8 PDUs)


Project Management Experts (PME) is well prepared to help our students meet their educational requirements.  All of our classroom based courses fall into the 3 Talent Triangle sections.  These classes can be taken individually or in “bundles” so that the all or most of your PDU requirements can be met in 1 week of training.  Click on the bundle letter to learn more.

Bundle Technical Project Management Leadership Strategic and Business Management
21 PDUs
Agile Essentials
(7 PDUs)
Effective Communications Techniques
(7 PDUs)
Project Management Overview
(7 PDUs)
35 PDUs
Project Risk Management
(14 PDUs)
Agile Essentials
(7 PDUs)
Effective Negotiations Techniques
(7 PDUs)
Innovation and Project Management
(7 PDUs)
28 PDUs
(21 PDUs)
Managing Teams with Servant Leadership
(7 PDUs)